1. Nov 2008
Russ from holisticinfosec.org took a look at some of my scri...
15. Okt 2008
I had to clean the boards due to massive spam. Actually i de...
4. Mär 2008
The boards work again!
23. Mai 2007
FormPro lets you easily create sophisticated forms with a va...
15. Mai 2007
Version 1.4 of my ContactForm script offers 2 new input fiel...
1. Apr 2007
MyGallery 1.7 now comes with the ability to add a watermark ...
16. Feb 2007
Due to some security lacks in the RateMe script this script ...
8. Sep 2006
Version 1.6.5 lets you decide between creating new folders b...


planetluc.com is on vacation  20. Aug 2004

I'm off for the coming two weeks. Please be patient in case you should have any support requests during that time. They cannot be answered before the 6th Sept. 2004.


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