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FormPro lets you easily create sophisticated forms with a va...

planetluc.com : home

Welcome to planetluc.com

On this site you find some smaller PHP scripts. Some are free. Just have a look at them and don't forget to rate 'em if you use one of those.

Also check out the NEWS for recent issues, bugfixes...



  • MySpaceGigParser
    PHP Class for parsing gigs published on any music MySpace profile.
  • RateMe
    RateMe is a HotOrNot-like picture rating (image voting) script that uses MySQL as backend.
  • FormPro
    FormPro lets you easily create sophisticated forms with a various number of field types.
  • MyGallery
    MyGallery is a simple picture gallery presentation script that uses flat files for saving necessary data (no mysql database needed).
  • MyNews
    MyNews is a very simple news publishing script that stores data in a flat file.
  • SignMe
    SignMe is a simple guestbook script that consists of just 5 files. Data are stored in a flat file so you don't need any databases.
  • FlatFileCounter
    FlatFileCounter is a simple counter script that counts visits on a website and logs IP addresses in a flat file.
  • ContactForm
    Tiny contact form script that every website just needs.
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