Updates   1. November 2008
Russ from took a look at some of my scripts and let me know that there are some securitiy issues...
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Spam in the Boards  15. Oktober 2008
I had to clean the boards due to massive spam. Actually i deleted everything /-one after 1st Oct 2008. It was the only way to get this spam out of the boards. So i'm sorry for all serious users who registered/posted meanwhile.
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Boards are readonly at the moment   4. März 2008
The boards work again!
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New Script: FormPro 1.0  23. Mai 2007
FormPro lets you easily create sophisticated forms with a various number of field types. The form submits its data to an email specified in the config section of the script. Each field can be mandatory and then puts out predefined error messages if no value is specified/entered.
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ContactForm 1.4 is out!   15. Mai 2007
Version 1.4 of my ContactForm script offers 2 new input field types: checkboxes and multiselect lists. Also, it may be ste in the config where to display error messages, above or below the bad field.
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MyGallery 1.7 released   1. April 2007
MyGallery 1.7 now comes with the ability to add a watermark PNG overlay image to each fullsize image. check it out!
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Security lack RateMe  16. Februar 2007
Due to some security lacks in the RateMe script this script can no longer be purchased @ Once I find the time Ill do a fix for this issue - but this ma take a while.
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MyGallery 1.6.5 is out   8. September 2006
Version 1.6.5 lets you decide between creating new folders by PHP or by FTP. This might be useful on servers with SAFE_MODE on.
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