MyGallery 1.6.5 is out   8. September 2006
Version 1.6.5 lets you decide between creating new folders by PHP or by FTP. This might be useful on servers with SAFE_MODE on.
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SignMe 1.5 ist out   5. September 2006
Spamming sucks! Thats what Mike (aka sidtheduck @ boards) thought as well and thats why he added the CAPTCHA functionality to this script! Really cool Mike! Lots of thanks! Additionally he also added email notification (optional) as well as a word/character counter on the sign form.
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MyGallery 1.6.4 is out  29. Juni 2006
MyGallery now comes with thumbnail cropping and paging for them in gallery overview mode.
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MyGallery 1.6.1 is out   9. Mai 2006
MyGallery 1.6.1 comes with the fantastic slideshow Lightbox JS 2.0 script by Lokesh Dhakar. It looks great, works great, short, it IS great!
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SignMe 1.4 is out   5. April 2006
The war against those f***ing spammers goes on! I added some new filter possibilities. I also added some more language specific varables, as well as better CSS implementation (especially for the sign/login form).
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Development RateMe stopped  19. Februar 2006
Due to the lack of time Im no longer continue developing the RateMe script. This means that version 1.3.2 will be the last one. Of course Im still gonna provide support for people who bought it
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Release of ContactForm 1.3  17. Februar 2006
I added one and a half more features: 1) Ability to add select dropdown lists and 1.5) nicer output of th error messages, right below of each field. Some might like it some not. I do ;-)
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ContactForm 1.1 is out   9. Februar 2006
ContactForm 1.1 lets you define a custom number of input fields. Currently text input fileds, textareas & radio input fields are supported. Also you can define each field to be mandatory, a valid email address or not (of course including a corresponding error message when empty and mandatory).
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