MySQL DB problems  30. November 2004
My hosting partner struggles with some database problems these hours but he promises that the db server will be up soon again... I hope that as well.
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New feature for RateMe   4. November 2004
The current release of RateMe, v1.3.2, will surprise you with a new feature: You can search for names or email addresses among the entries in the DB.
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New Script: MyNews 1.0  25. Oktober 2004
Some of you might remember the old newsMS script on this site but thats past now! I adapted the SignMe script on this site that way that it now also serves as news publishing script.
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MyGallery Bug  22. Oktober 2004
There was a bug (probably some more ;-)) when uploading a JPG from a windows machine. Galleries were created but with no pics in it. This issues is solved now - uploading ZIP archives AND JPGs work now properly!
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New Script: MyGallery 1.1   6. Oktober 2004
Due to the personal need of a simple but great picture gallery script I decided, once again, to write one on my own. The fact that you can upload whole ZIP archives makes it very easy for you to create new foto galleries and put them online.
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Back in town!   6. September 2004
Well, Im back from my holidays and there for you again...!
read message is on vacation  20. August 2004
Im off for the coming two weeks. Please be patient in case you should have any support requests during that time. They cannot be answered before the 6th Sept. 2004. Lukas.
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NEW script: SignMe 1.0  24. Juli 2004
I had some problems with guestbook scripts i was using so I decided to write one on my own. Its a simple but very customizable script that consists of just 5 files
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