Support during June 04  31. Mai 2004
Ill be away in the month of June 2004. So please be patient if you should have a support request during this time! Thanks.
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Email Problems & Script Delivery info  30. Mai 2004
Recently there was a serious virus attack on my mail server so that it rejected all incoming mails. But that is fixed now and everybody can reach me on
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Where the f**k was   3. Februar 2004
Im sorry that wasnt available on 31 Jan & 1 Feb. I forgot to update the domain registration by mistake
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RateMe v1.3.1  31. Januar 2005
After a longer period of no updates im glad to be able to announce that RateMe v1.3.1 is now available. There are several minor changes
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RateMe: Upgrading to Version 1.3  12. Oktober 2003
For all who purchased an earlier version of RateMe the upgrader to version 1.3 is now available.
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RateMe v1.3 Release  10. Oktober 2003
I did some bigger changes this time: RateMe now comes with a more secure admin area, the ability to approve pics first before they are listed and v1.3 lets you choose whether you want the surfers to upload the pictures or just linking to them.
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RateMe v1.2 - mit Kommentaren!  28. September 2003
Jaja, Schlag auf Schlag gehts zZ. RateMe v1.2 steht bereit mit der vielerseits gewünschten Kommentar Funktion. Schau also mal vorbei auf der Demo Seite.
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RateMe v1.1 released  27. September 2003
Habe kürzlich etwas Zeit gefunden und dem Script ein Übersichts/Index Feature hinzugefügt: Man kann sich nun zB also alle Rating Items anzeigen lassen, gezielt eins auswählen und diesem dann seine Stimme geben.
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