New Design For   2. August 2005
After 2 years in blue style I thought that it was now time to change the sites design a little bit. And in the same breath I also equipped the site with my own developped
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MyGallery 1.3.2 is out   1. August 2005
MyGallery 1.3.2 is out I was hard-working these days ;-) so I did some more changes on MyGallery. Its now basing on templates that means that you now can adapt the look of MyGallery even better to your sites design.
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MyGallery 1.3.1 is out  30. Juli 2005
The new often requested feature is now implemented: Paging on the gallery overview page. So it wont be no more problem if you have lots of galleries.
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Im away until 4th July  25. Juni 2005
Im sorry but i wont be here for support until the 4th July.
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MyGallery 1.3 is out!   9. März 2005
I added some features like auto resizeing of original pictures and displaying a random picture on the gallery overview list. Go check it out here!
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MyGallery: new release  27. Februar 2005
Due to my own need this script to work as mod for the great phpwcms ( system I had to do some modifications to it in order to function as it should.
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Update: MyNews 1.1   6. Januar 2005
Due to the big demand i finally added WYSIWYG enabled editing of news. That means that you now can write formatted news even when you dont have any html skills.
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RateMe Demo is up again!   2. Dezember 2004
The database problems were solved and the RateMe demo does work again.
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